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The Winx

(Canon) “Winxclub” Characters in Almost Magical

The Winx Club

Bloom is the consort Queen of Eraklyon and the wife of Sky and mother of Jamie, Star and Blue. For sixteen years, she lived an ordinary life on Earth before discovering her true origin. She is formerly the princess of Domino and the keeper of the Dragon’s Flame. Bloom is an altruist through and through, believing in the good of others and constantly putting their well-being above her own. She is a loving mother and had taught her children of the value of kindness when they were younger. With the power of the Dragon’s Flame, she does what she can to help those in need. But although she is known all around the Magic Dimension for her power and self-sacrifice, the responsibility as the Flame’s guardian had grown heavy on her over the years.

Ten years prior to Almost Magical, she battles the new Shadow Phoenix one last time and sacrifices her life to save the Magic Dimension.






Stella is the Queen of Solaria. She rules the kingdom with her husband Brandon who is usually the one looking after their five children, Sunny, Beck, Selene, Bret and Ben. She was formerly the Guardian Fairy of her realm and wields the power of the sun, moon and stars. Stella is optimistic, spunky and a little audacious- a disposition that is rather befitting of her magic and origin. She is famous in the Magic Dimension for being one of the few royals who can keep a sense of humor at a council meeting. Stella has often been underestimated in the past due to her appearance but has since proven to be a beneficial ruler to Solaria.







Musa is a music producer from Melody, the realm of music. She is the fairy of music and was once Melody’s Guardian Fairy after graduating Alfea. She is the mother of Kai, Ran and Raven. Musa is a realist and tends to have a dry sense of humor.  She is often very busy with her work and is often seen doing little else.








Flora is a florist from Linphea. She also works as a biochemist who helps with the city planning as majority of Linphea’s urban life sit atop of colossal trees. She is married to Helia and has two daughters with him-Thyme and Rosemary. As she originates from the realm of nature, her magical abilities are also based on nature. Flora is known to be sweet, gentle and soft-spoken. She is not much of a disciplinarian to her children, and often avoids yelling or getting angry with them. Her family’s well-being is her first priority.







Tecna is the Queen of Zenith, the realm of Technology and the Magic Dimension’s most advanced one. She is the mother to an only child- Elle. She was also formerly Zenith’s Guardian Fairy and has the power of technology. Unlike most of royalty, Tecna is not royal by blood but was an apprentice to the previous ruler of Zenith. Tecna is known to be firm, rational and selfless. Under her governance, Zenith uses its advanced communication and weaponry to protect its realm and help those in need, thus forming ties with many realms. Her heavy responsibility has given her very little freedom and little time to bond with her daughter. 







Layla is the Queen of Andros and rules the kingdom with her husband Nabu who acts as her advisor on political and military matters. They have two children- Pan and Xana. Layla was formerly the Guardian Fairy of Andros and has a unique ability to control Morphix, a pink liquid converted from water molecules into any shape or form. As a queen, she is calm, reserved and tactful- traits that she had grown into after succeeding the throne. On a conversational level, Layla can be humorous and clever, but once insulted, will immediately shoot down the person who insulted her. She is athletic and enjoys dancing and sports.








The (Former) Specialists of Red Fountain

Sky is the King of Eraklyon and Bloom’s husband. He’s also the father of Jamie, Star and Blue. Sky is kind-natured much like his wife and does what he believes is best for his family and kingdom. Over the years, this pleasant and gentle man had become serious and guarded, consumed by his responsibilities in Eraklyon and his joint responsibility with Domino.








Brandon is the prince consort of Solaria and Stella’s husband and the father of her five children. Back in their days at Red Fountain, he was formerly Sky’s squire and bodyguard. Brandon is upbeat and cheerful, and is similar to his wife in many ways. He keeps her grounded, often reminding her to unwind from her busy schedule and spend time with the family.








Riven is Kai, Ran and Raven’s father who lives in Melody as a mechanist. Riven has always been known to be a lone wolf, often spending time alone and brooding. He can be impulsive and quick to anger- an attitude problem that was a result of his mother abandoning him and his father when he was an infant. His attitude had improved significantly over the years, and especially after he married Musa and started a family with her.








Helia is Flora’s husband and Thyme and Rosemary’s father. He is a painter and also manages Flora’s floral shop. Helia is much like Flora- sweet, gentle and soft-spoken. He is an intelligent man and is careful with his words. Helia is especially protective over his daughters and tends to have his reservations about the boys they fancy.








Nabu is the prince consort of Andros and is married to Layla. He is also Pan and Xana’s father. Nabu is reserved and a little serious but does have a sense of humor. He is a stern but loving father and has his children’s best interest at heart. Living in a realm that has had plenty of internal conflict in the past, Pan and Xana’s safety is his top priority. He has been training them for their future responsibilities and for their protection since they were little. He is especially hard on Pan who will eventually succeed Layla in the throne.









Daphne was the crown princess of Domino. She was the eldest daughter of King Oritel and Queen Miriam and Bloom’s older sister. In the series, Daphne was one of the Nine Nymphs of the Magical Dimension. She was the supreme Nymph of the Magical Dimension as she was the last and most powerful among them before the destruction of Domino and the disappearance of the Dragon’s Flame. Prior to Bloom, she was also the keeper of the Dragon’s Flame. When the Ancestral Witches attacked Domino, Daphne transferred the Dragon’s Flame to an infant Bloom to prevent it from falling into the wrong hands and sent her to Earth- a dimension so far away and forgotten, the Witches would not have been able to sense the Dragon’s Flame anymore. When Daphne confronted the Ancestresses, they cast a curse on her which made her powers turn against her when she used them and turned her into a disembodied spirit. After the destruction of Domino, Daphne's disembodied spirit went to dwell in Lake Roccaluce near Alfea and she appeared to have lost none of her incredibly strong magical powers, though she is only able to leave the lake to which she is bound for short periods of time. She first appeared to Bloom in a dream and later on manifested herself in visions, leading Bloom to seek her out. She became a spiritual guide to Bloom in her journey as the fairy of the Dragon’s Flame.

Some years after Bloom and the Winx club restored Domino and saving Bloom’s parents, she regained her physical form with the help of the Winx club. Since then she had been happily living in the realm of Domino with her parents. In Almost Magical, she was the strong, spirited and steadfast Queen of Domino. She ruled her kingdom alongside Thoren, Sky’s cousin whom she had married years back. She aided Bloom in the battle against the last Shadow Phoenix.