Almost Magical -- Mythos


Mythos: The Magical Beings of Legend

The Great Dragon was born at the beginning of Time from the dark Void as a dazzling light and is the being who created the mystical Dragon’s Flame. It was responsible for the creation of the whole Magic Dimension, using its fiery breath, to spread life, light and heat. It eventually became exhausted and chose its resting place on the planet Domino. Since then the royal heirs of the royal family of Domino have been the Guardians of the Dragon Fire, the present Guardian being Bloom. The Dragon’s whereabouts are currently unknown. It has disappeared since the first guardian of the Dragon’s Flame and is presumed to be long gone.

Trix is a trio witches consisting of Icy, Darcy and Stormy who seek malice and chaos in the series. They are descendants of the Ancestral Witches who were known to be the most powerful and evil of all witches throughout the history of Magix. Icy is the witch of Ice. She’s the eldest and most powerful out of the three and as well as their leader. She is also the most ruthless- the embodiment of an icy heart. Darcy is the witch of Darkness and Illusions. She is more calm and competent than her sisters but is even more devious and manipulative. Stormy is the witch of Storms. She is the youngest and the weakest of the three. What she lacks in power, she makes up with her infamous aggression.

Before the events of Almost Magical, the Trix had gone into hiding and have seemingly retired from their exhausting pursuit for power.

Valtor was a sorcerer apprentice to the Ancestral Witches who helped them destroy Domino. He was born from the fire of the Dragon’s Flame and the darkness of the Witches. He appears to be a handsome man, but his true form is that of a demonic winged monster. After the destruction of Domino, he was captured and imprisoned in the Omega Dimension but escaped and sought out the help of the Trix to exact revenge on the Magic Dimension. Since his ultimate demise in the hands of Bloom, his name has become more infamous and near-legendary.

The Shadow Phoenix was an ancient creature that was born alongside the Great Dragon from the original void before the beginning of the Universe. The Shadow Phoenix is known to be the Great Dragon’s polar opposite and is almost equally powerful. Its magic serves as an antithesis of the Dragon’s Flame. While the Great Dragon and its magic creates light, life and energy, the Shadow Phoenix absorbs them. 

Legend has it that its power fell into the hands of an ancient evil being who was seeking to rule the universe. With the power of the Shadow Phoenix, this being came to be known as Lord Darkar and became the master of the Ancestral Witches and Valtor, and was the one who initially sent them to seek the Dragon's Flame from Domino, therefore being the cause of its destruction. When the Witches were defeated by the Company of Light, the Lord of the Templar of the Fortress of Light fought Darkar himself, cast him back into the darkness, and sent him into a deep slumber for sixteen years, until he woke up again, possibly caused by the return of Bloom's Dragon's Flame in the Magic Dimension after she used it to defeat the Trix.  Lord Darkar had desired to achieve ultimate power by entering the Realm of Relix. The Trix had once worked for him before the Winx Club permanently defeated him.  Lord Darkar no longer exists in the Magic Dimension.

It is a fact stated by a professor in Alfea that magic in the Magical Dimension is created alongside an opposite force and must coexist with it. This fundamental law in magic creates the balance in their universe.  After the defeat of Darkar, the Trix and Valtor, it is possible that the Shadow Phoenix continues to exist. Being the polar opposite of the Dragon’s Flame, it was believed to have turned into a disembodied form. Its whereabouts are unknown.

It is a known fact that it was defeated by Bloom and the Winx Club years ago in the form of Lord Darkar. Years after its destruction, a powerful and mysterious being claiming to be the true Shadow Phoenix suddenly appears in the Magic Dimension, seeking to destroy the magical universe. It is powerful and unlike anything the Winx had ever seen before. In on crucial and final battle, Bloom defeats it at the cost of her life. This leads to the beginning of Almost Magical.