Almost Magical -- CAST


01/28/20- CHARACTER INFORMATION IS CURRENTLY UNDERGOING CHANGES.  We are currently revising the story of the webcomic and are making changes to the characters' backgrounds. 


Star, daughter of Bloom
Title/s: The Fairy of Psychic Energy 👁Princess of Eraklyon

Star, is the 16-year-old daughter of Bloom and Sky. Though perceived to be quite serious at times, Star is kind and well-meaning, with a witty side to her. She is ambitious and hardworking, and was trained on Domino to be the successor of the Dragon’s Flame.

Elle, daughter of Tecna 
Title/s: the fairy of Electricity

Elle can be summed up in 3 things: she is easy-going, outgoing and loves to get going! 
Elle is 17-years-old and is a sophomore in Alfea. Despite hailing from an authoritarian society on Zenith, Elle is quite the wild card: adventurous and fun-loving. She loves photography, music, and is just as tech-savvy as Tecna.

Ran, daughter of Musa 
Title/s: The fairy of Music and Sound
Ran is Musa and Riven’s second child, and 16-year-old daughter. She is bubbly, energetic, and loves all things girly, with a touch of urban street style and punk. She is a gifted singer, and musician who loves musical theatre. She is from the realm of Melody.



Xana, daughter of Layla
Title/s: The Fairy of Oceans 
🌊, Princess of Andros
Xana is Layla and Nabu’s 19-year-old daughter. She is kind, gentle and level-headed. As the eldest of the group, she often assumes the role of leader. As Princess of Andros, Xana takes her royal duties quite seriously. She is a good dancer and a good swimmer. She is a senior in Alfea.

Selene, daughter of Stella
Title/s: The Fairy of the Moon
🌙🌚 ,Princess of Solaria
Selene is Stella and Brandon’s 15-year-old daughter and third of five children. She is calm and composed-considered to be a protégée, under the guidance of grandmother Luna. Unlile her older siblings, Selene prefers to spend most of her time on her own. Much like Stella, she has a love for fashion and looking her best. .


Thyme, daughter of Flora
Title/s: The fairy of nature

Thyme is  Flora and Helia’s 17-year-old daughter and their eldest child. She is quiet and brooding, but can come off as intimidating and sarcastic. It's hard to guess what she's thinking under her tough tomboyish exterior. Thyme’s sultry appearance tends to attract the attention of young men, much to her annoyance.


Bloom's children:
Star (see main cast)
Title/s: Crown Prince of Eraklyon

Jamie is Bloom and Sky’s eldest child, and Star’s 20-year-old brother. Quiet, focused and straight-forward, Jamie can be a team leader when he needs to be. He is the heir to the kingdom of Eraklyon. Jamie was once very close to Bloom, though he tends to get into disagreements with Sky regarding certain things.

Title/s: Fairy, Princess of Eraklyon
This character is subject for omition and may not appear in the revised version of the story. 
Blue is a studious and well mannered 12-year-old girl. She was considered a protégée on Domino, and was deemed best candidate for the Dragon’s Flame over her sister, Star. .

Musa's children:
Ran (see main cast)
Title/s: none, commoner in Melody
Kai is the 17-year-old eldest son of Musa and Riven. Kai is a bit laid back, and is a generally pleasant guy to be around. He is a talented guitarist and singer. He tends to take after his mother in personality.

Title/s: none, commoner in Melody
Raven is Musa and Riven’s 15-year-old son. He is a regular teenager and is a bit awkward, and shy around girls. He is close to his father, Riven. (Info subject to change).

Stella's children:
Selene (see main cast) 
Title/s:Prince of Solaria
Beck is Stella and Brandon’s 17-year old son and second of five children. He is extroverted and a bit over-the-top- not unlike, Stella. Known by his peers to be a playboy, Beck likes to maintain casual and non-exclusive relationships. He can be cheeky and overconfident at times.

Solana "Sunny" 
Title/s: The Fairy of the Sun
🌞Crown princess of Solaria
Sunny is as beautiful as she is intelligent, carrying the bright,fun-loving disposition of her parents,Stella and Brandon. She has a strong sense of responsibility to her role as future queen. She is in a relationship with Pandaros, Layla's son. She is 20-years-old.

Britton "Bret" 
Title/s: Prince of Solaria

Britton “Bret” is Stella and Brandon’s 10-year-old son. He is quiet, aloof and a little spoiled. He takes after his grandmother Luna, both in appearance and in some qualities. 

Benjamin "Benny"
Title/s: Prince of Solaria
Benjamin “Benny” is Stella and Brandon’s 3-year-old toddler. He is lively, energetic and is often the center of attention in the family. Solana and Beck adore him.

Layla's children:
Xana (see main cast)
Pandaros  “Pan”
Title/s: Crown Prince of Andros, Wizard

Pandaros “Pan” is Layla and Nabu’s son and Xana’s older brother. Pan is 20-years-old. A pleasant, brotherly figure with a calm demeanor who is close to his sister. He is the heir to the throne of Andros. Pan tends to takes his responsibilities less seriously than Xana, despite Nabu’s strict parenting. Pan is  also a Wizard like his father.

Flora's children:
Thyme (see main cast)
Title/s: Fairy, commoner in Linphea
Rosemary is Flora and Helia's 15-year-old daughter. She is demure and gentle like her mother and an avid reader and artist like her father. She has a crush on Raven. Rosemary tends to have arguments with her sister, Thyme. We have yet to discover her powers... (aka I haven’t wrote this part yet) .

Tecna's child: 
Elle's an only child. (see main cast lol)