Almost Magical -- CAST



Star, daughter of Bloom, fairy of the Dragon's Flight

Age:16   Status: Princess of Eraklyon

fact 1: Star can come off as sarcastic and haughty when being challenged or threatened. Her pride oftentimes causes her to be too embarrassed to show her vulnerability. 
fact 2: Star often searches for any form of freedom, causing her to be a little rebellious. Yet despite that, she  does not really know what she wants. 
fact 3: She can be hands-on when the situation calls for it, and almost always will go ahead and fix the problem herself. 
fact 4: Star values integrity. She strives to put in effort and heart in what she does and does not enjoy compromise.  She can be quite hard on herself when it comes to failure.  
fact 5: Star has a talent for drawing images accurately from memory and has a rather clean aesthetic and an eye for art. 
fact 6: She is adept at using her powers despite not yet gaining her Winx.
fact 7: She had a strict upbringing and training regimen before enrolling in Alfea and is well-read in culture, history and politics. She has a fascination for the art of medicine. 
fact 8: She had once thought the world of her mother, Bloom and had aspired to be like her. That dream was torn upon Bloom’s untimely demise and has since then become  a burden to her. 
Elle, daughter of Tecna, fairy of Electricity
Age: 17   Status: Princess of Zenith
fact 1: Elle is easy-going, outgoing and loves to get going. She has a wide range of hobbies and interests and gets along with almost anyone. Elle is a bit of a rebel and likes to do crazy things for the sheer fun of doing them. (You could say Elle has an-"electric" personality... zing *shot)
fact 2: Elle is part of the young and "organic" generation of the Binary Galaxy (whose people are stereotyped to be rigid, technical and pragmatic). She loves art and music and is very expressive. She has a penchant for Earth movies. 
fact 3: Elle has had 15 boyfriends and flings  since she was 10. 
fact 4: She is a bit of a prankster and likes to scare people. 
fact 5: She is not very close to both her parents and her relationship with her mother Tecna is somewhat difficult. The two cannot seem to see eye to eye. 
fact 6: Elle is "one of the guys". She shares a close bond with Kai (Musa's son), whom she shares many interests with. She is also good friends with Beck (Stella's son). She is the same age as them (17). 
fact 7: Elle loves to paint and takes an interest in photography.
fact 8: She has an extensive knowledge in electrical and mechanical engineering. 
Ran, daughter of Musa, fairy of Music
Age: 16   Status: Commoner in Melody 
fact 1: Ran is the embodiment of pink and the epitome of all things girlie. She can come off as an  optimist, and is a dreamer. She's quite naive and her idealistic nature can come off as comical but endearing to most. She tends to overreact and is a little bit of a spit fire when agitated. 
fact 2: Ran's speech has a light and delicate quality to it. She speaks as though flowers grow around her.
fact 3: Ran is much more inexperienced in love than her brother Kai. Her idealistic views had given her very high standards for boys. 
fact 4: Ran isn't fond of school and is the slowest learner in the group. 
fact 5: She values beauty above many things and loves to wear make up. She can be sensitive when her physical attributes are made fun of. 
fact 6: Her appearance may not suggest it, but Ran has a cunning and scheming side to her that only Selene is very much aware of.  
fact 7: Ran is the only girl in the group who is hyped about the idea of becoming the "new winx generation".
fact 8: Though her power is music, Ran is much more interested in theater than singing. Ran is a talented actress. However, her acting skills are only present on stage. (She can be a terrible liar.)
Selene, daughter of Stella, fairy of the Moon
Age: 15   Status: Princess of Solaria
fact 1: Selene is a very well-mannered girl: tactful, demure and well-put together. She is the easiest to teach among her siblings. She prefers to be in the background- something she has grown used to. She takes after her elegant grandmother Luna.
fact 2: Selene is a book worm. She has a habit of staying up late to read under the moonlight. Strangely, this does not make her tired during the day.
fact 3: 80 percent of Selene's wardrobe consists of designer clothes.
fact 4: Selene is obsessive compulsive. She is a clean freak, and tends to over think when she is nervous. She will run away from situations that cause her to break composure and control over herself.  
fact 5: Selene is extremely introverted and keeps to herself. (This is somewhat of a choice, since Stella and Brandon have always given their children the freedom to go out and express themselves.)
fact 6: Selene has a difficult time expressing her true feelings. When she likes someone, she finds it nearly impossible to tell the person or share this secret with anyone for that matter.
fact 7: She is one year younger than the average fairy that attends Alfea for the first time. She is a fast learner and a good listener. 
fact 8: Selene is a caring and thoughtful person. As much as possible, she wants to avoid conflict, despite herself and how it affects her.
Thyme, daughter of Flora, fairy of nature
Age: 18   Status: Commoner in Linphea 
fact 1: Thyme is a cool and serious young woman. She's very independent and self-sufficient. Thyme has a strong, sarcastic and witty side that surfaces when she is angered or annoyed. She is not easy to scare nor fool. Though it is not apparent, she is sensitive in nature,  which makes her easily jaded once a situation affects her deeply. 
fact 2: She is 18 when she starts her first year in Alfea- 2 years behind the typical freshman fairy.
fact 3: Thyme is familiar with her powers and had once used them in the past.
fact 4: She knows hand-to-hand combat and has adapted the mixed martial arts fighting style.
fact 5: Thyme is the most athletic of the bunch. She is adventurous and loves the outdoors. She is also a vegetarian like her parents. She loves nature and shares a deep connection with it. 
fact 6: Thyme's tall, curvaceous and sultry appearance easily attracts the attention of young men.
fact 7: Thyme is perceptive and picks up small details. However, she can be passive and usually keeps the information to herself.
fact 8: Thyme cares about her family very deeply. However, her relationship with them became strained not too long before her life in Alfea.


Xana, daughter of Layla, fairy of Oceans
Age: 19   Status: Princess of Andros
fact 1: Xana is the overprotective mama bear of the group. She is 19 and is the eldest among the winx girls attending Alfea. She takes it upon herself to look after her younger dorm mates and is the first one to react negatively to a crazy idea.
fact 2: Xana is quite strong emotionally . Although easily intimidated and panicky, she is proactive during spontaneous and dire situations and is surprisingly courageous. 
fact 3: Xana has a tendency to procrastinate, but has a great fear of failure and disappointment. She fears Griselda the most. She tends to see less value in what she does compared to others. 
fact 4: Xana is a senior, currently studying in her fourth and final year in Alfea. She has yet to gain her enchantix. 
fact 5: She has a healthy relationship with her boyfriend, Carter. 
fact 6: She is very close to her brother Pan, regarding him as one of her best friends. The two have been raised strictly by their father Nabu. 
fact 7: Xana loves to dance and has studied rhythmic gymnastics. She also loves to swim.
fact 8: Xana has the ability to talk to aquatic animals.
Bloom's children:
Star (see main cast)
Jamie, crown prince of Eraklyon, age 20
-Jamie is the eldest and only son of Bloom and Sky. He is a serious and brooding young man who is often hard to please and tends to be very aloof. 
-Jamie has a temper and will burst occasionally. 
-Sunny and Pan are his closest friends. He met Sunny when they were children and spent a significant part of his childhood with her. He met Pan during his first year at Red Fountain. 
-He and Sunny had dated briefly before she and Pan got together. He no longer harbors any romantic feelings for Sunny but he does feel some resentment towards her. 
-He shows an obvious dislike towards Sky, despite how his father occasionally tries to reach out to him. As a child, Jamie was used to being left by himself. He was however close to Bloom then. 
-He is the heir to the throne of Eraklyon and accepted his responsibilities without question. He is neither happy nor sad about it. 
-Jamie likes to work and tries to keep himself busy by focusing on his responsibilities in Eraklyon.
-Jamie is normally not interested in women. Elle is apparently attracted to him though he doesn't care for her affections.
- Jamie is actually good with vehicles. He's a mechanic to some extent. 
Blue, princess of Eraklyon, age 13
- She is Bloom and Sky's youngest child. Blue is shy and often keeps to herself. She is an obedient kid and does what she is told. She often tries to hide how she feels.
- Blue is currently in Domino training to follow in her mother's footsteps as a fairy guardian there. She receives the same training and strict upbringing as Star had. 
- Jamie and Star are quite protective of their little sister and try to look out for her.
- She resembles Daphne.
-She is the likely successor of the Dragon's flame. 
Stella's children:
Selene (see main cast) 
 Beck, prince of Solaria, age 17
Fact 1: Beck is an extroverted, outspoken and flamboyant 17 year old boy. He can be cheeky and overly confident, which tends to irk some of the people around him (though his friends have quickly learned to tolerate this attitude).
Fact 2: Beck is a playboy but does not quite enjoy the idea of cheating on someone. He goes on casual dates and keeps his relationships non-exclusive. 
Fact 3: Beck has had his share of heartbreaks and unrequited love which collectively resulted in his current love life (or the lack thereof). 
Fact 4: His sexuality and rather crazy lifestyle is a concern to both his parents. His behavior had even prompted Stella and Brandon to send him to counseling. 
Fact 5: He is not afraid to speak his mind and is rather eloquent and poetic. He is also a very good actor and can be spontaneous when he needs to be. 
Fact 6: Beck loves sports, and trying out new outdoor hobbies. He has little regard for safety, and will immediately jump into something he has never done before. 
Fact 7: Beck doesn't like to take life very seriously. He takes advantage of the fact that he is not next in line for the throne (his older sister Sunny has taken the heaviest weight of responsibilities).
Fact 8: He cherishes his family, and has a good relationship with each of them.
Solana "Sunny", princess of Solaria, age 20
-Sunny is the eldest child of Stella and Brandon. She is beautiful as she is intelligent and carries the bright and fun loving disposition of her parents. Sunny will act formal and ladylike when needed but can be as wily as her younger brother Beck. 
-She takes an interest in building little contraptions and is fascinated by the study of Physics. After graduating from Alfea, she immediately jumped into Mechanical engineering and is currently enrolled in the Solarian College of Engineering. 
-She is one of the few people who can get on Beck's nerves and tip him off balance. The two often quarrel and compete against each other. 
-Sunny is the immediate successor to the throne and will soon become a fairy guardian of Solaria just as her mother had before her. She is the fairy of the Sun. 
-Secretly, Sunny does not wish to fulfill her royal duties to the kingdom of Solaria but tries to keep an open mind. She doesn't like to complain and would rather not deprive her siblings of the freedom she yearns.
-Sunny is currently dating Pan. The two are best friends. 
-Like Selene, her wardrobe is just as coveted. 
-Her first name is Solana, but she would rather be called by her nickname 'Sunny', regarding her first name as a 'title'. 
Britton "Bret", prince of Solaria, age 8
- He is Stella and Brandon's, second son and fourth child. Britton is quiet and serious, but also is aloof and somewhat snobbish. He prefers to be left alone.
- He has the closest resemblance to his grandmother Luna. He gravitates towards her, more so than to the rest of his family.
- Among his siblings, he and Selene get along the most. 
- He is mostly referred to as "Bret". Stella often uses his first name to address him. 
- Bret is often annoyed by his little brother, Benjamin. Still, he cares about him.  
- Bret doesn't like to be treated like an ignorant little kid. Despite his young age, Bret is perceptive and is not very gullible.
- Out of all the Winx' kids, he gets along with Blue the most. Both share a similar wavelength.  
Benjamin "Benny", prince of Solaria, age 3
- He is Stella and Brandon's youngest child. Benjamin is a little ball of sunshine with a seemingly endless supply of energy. He loves to play and run around and talk. 
- He has a little kid crush on Thyme, referring to her as "pretty lady".
- Benjamin is often called "Benny" by his family.
- He is often the center of attention. Beck and Sunny especially love to smother him with affection.
- Benjamin is quite attached to Britton, despite the latter trying to avoid him. 
Layla's children:
Xana (see main cast)
Pandaros  “Pan”, crown prince of Andros, age 20
-Pan is a pleasant young man who is perceived to be a brotherly figure by most. He is Layla and Nabu's eldest son. 
-Since they were children, Pan has always been given more responsibilities than his younger sister Xana. Despite the pressure being put on him, the two were equally disciplined. 
-Pan sees Xana as one of his best friends and often confides in her. He does what he can to look to out for her. He is calm as she is panicky. He takes his responsibilities less seriously than she does. 
-Pan has a strict and formal relationship with his father. Nabu tends to be hard on him. However, Layla is more lenient. 
-Pan is the heir to the throne of Andros and is currently training in the Androsian military. 
-He is dating Sunny. The two get along very well and understand each other. 
-Pan's hair is actually quite curly and was long and flowing before it was cut after joining the military. 
-Pan is athletic and skilled in fighting. 
Musa's children:
Ran (see main cast)
Kai, commoner in Melody, age 17
Fact 1: Kai is an unassuming guy. He is generally pleasant, friendly though quite reserved. 
Fact 2: He has a poor relationship with his father, Riven. The two almost always argued.
Fact 3: Kai is a gifted singer like his mother Musa, and is the singer of a cover band he and Elle (Tecna's daughter) formed. (He also plays the rhythmic guitar, while she plays the bass.) 
Fact 4: Kai is dense. In other words, it's best to tell it to his face.
Fact 5: Kai asks himself everyday why he continues to tolerate his Red Fountain roommate, Beck (Stella's son). 
Fact 6: Kai, at 17, has never had a girlfriend, and has never been kissed. 
Fact 7: He knows how to style hair- only because his sister Ran makes him braid hers. (It's difficult for him to deny his little sister- not just because he loves her but also because Ran can be relentless.)
Fact 8: Kai doesn't like conflict. He immediately tries to fix the situation even if he is not fully aware of it. (This tends to backfire.)
Raven, commoner in Melody, age 15
- Raven is Musa and Riven's second son and third child. Raven is a typical teenager. He is somewhat quiet and mellow but will speak out his mind when he feels the need to. He is similar to Kai in personality. 
- Raven has a habit of oversleeping.
- He is closer to Riven than his other siblings. 
- Raven has one more year before he enters Red Fountain. 
- He loves listening to music and almost always carries his headphones and a music player around.
- Raven is a little bit of a door mat and tends to allow some kids (often times girls) to boss him around.  
- He and his grandfather Ho-Boe have a casual, friend-like relationship. 
- He is aware of Rosemary's feelings for him. He becomes quite flustered by this but also feels the same way for her. 
Flora's children:
Thyme (see main cast)
Rosemary, commoner in Linphea, age 15
- She is Flora and Helia's second and youngest child. Rosemary is a quiet and reserved character. She is often perceived as a sweet fifteen year old girl. She is passive aggressive, and does not overreact. In this way, she is the opposite of her sister Thyme. 
- Rosemary loves to read and is quite intelligent.
- She is adept at using her magic. She is currently learning nature magic in Linphea. She has one more year before she attends Alfea.
- Rosemary's relationship with Thyme is strained. The two do not get along, despite Thyme trying to patch things up between them. She often refuses to talk to her older sister.
- Rosemary is a painter like her father, Helia. 
- She has an apparent crush on Raven. The feeling is mutual. The two bond during a vacation with the rest of Winx kids and their parents.  
- She is a fairy and possesses the power of nature, like her mother and sister. 
Tecna's child: 
Elle's an only child. (see main cast lol)